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Free sample 201 2b stainless steel sheet With Promotional Price
Jan 07, 2017

Free sample 201 2b stainless steel sheet With Promotional Price       

Product Description

Sasametal maintains an extensive inventory of stainless steel products, including stainless steel plate, diamond plate, 2B 2D

mirror stainless steel sheet, stainless steel polished sheet, stainless steel flat & expanded sheet, and  perforated stainless steel sheet.

Sasametal Stainless offers over 20 different grades in stainless steel products. With our mill partnerships, we can also source many hard to find or other non-standards sizes. All stainless steel sheet can be cut to size with our full range of processing services, including shear cutting, waterjet cutting or laser cutting capabilities.

Free Sample 201 2b stainless steel sheet With Promotional Price
0.3-3.0mm or Customer's request
1500*3000mm,1500*6000mm,1000*2000mm,1800*6000mm, or as request.
2B,BA,HL,BK,NO.1,No.4, Hairline, Mirror, Etching, PVD Color, Embossed etc
1 Ton
Decoration , construction etc
Packing way
PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package
                                        Chemical Component
Above 40
Above 22
Below 200

Sasametal Stainless steel Sheet Finish (According to ASTM 480)

No. 2D - A smooth, non-reflective cold-rolled annealed and pickled or descaled finish.

No. 2B - A smooth, moderately reflective cold-rolled annealed and pickled or descaled finish typically produced by imparting a final light cold-rolled pass using [large diameter] polished rolls.

Bright Annealed [BA] Finish- A smooth, bright, reflective finish typically produced by cold rolling followed by annealing in a protective atmosphere so as to prevent oxidation and scaling during annealing.

No. 3 Finish is characterized by short, coarse, parallel polishing lines, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil.

No.4 Finish is characterized by short, parallel polishing lines, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil. It is obtained by mechanically polishing a No. 3 finish with gradually finer abrasives.

No.7 Finish has a high degree of reflectivity and a mirror-like appearance. A No. 4 finish that has been polished to 320-grit is buffed for up to 10 minutes but existing grit lines are not removed. The remnants of fine polishing lines can generally seen by an observer standing several feet from a panel.

No.8  Finish  It is produced in the same manner as the No. 7 finish except that the buffing is continued for an additional five to ten minutes. In comparison to a No. 7 finish, the grit lines are much less visible, but they can be seen if the finish is examined closely. The resulting finish is mirror-like but not a perfect mirror.

Processing Service

Laser Cutting

Steel, Stainless and Aluminum

Thickness: 26 ga to 0.375"

Tolerance (Stainless): 10 ga to 0.188": +/- 0.015"

Advantages: Whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum, or steel, laser cutting gives the cleanest edge and the tightest tolerances of any cutting method Sakysteel offers.

Plasma Cutting

Thickness: 0.125" to 1.75"
Tolerances: +/- 0.125 Tolerances  depending on thickness;    

Advantages:Need circles or other patterns cut out of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum? Ability to cut thicker material than laser cutting:1.75” stainless;


Thickness: 0.0359″ to 2″ thick stainless
Tolerances:  ±.030” ,Tolerances  depending on  thickness;          Advantages:the ability to cut material without interfering with its inherent structure, as there is no "heat-affected zone." Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.

Packing & Delivery

1 Sheets covered with wooden plate for protection in transportation.
2. All sheets will be loaded in strong wooden packages.
3. Every cartons loaded with good shoring and strengthening.
4. Take container loading pictures and seal the container.
5. Transportation speed is quick. And keep customer each step informed.


- Laser PVC: Poli-film, Novancel
- 70 /100 Micron Laser PVC
- Single/Double 70 Micron Black&white PVC.

Our Service

Pre-sale Service.

 1.Help you to chose the products.

 2.Provide samples for confirmation

 3.Making the products according to

     your requirement..

Sale Service.

1.A variety of certification test
2.Help you to make the method statement and the details of the process.

After -Sales Service.

1. Our Customer service team is on standby at all times,and if you need any help
2.Quality problem,Help you solved


                 CE Certificate

                 ISO Certificate

              SGS Certificate

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