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Stainless steel wire rope basic knowledge
Apr 25, 2017

                                                    Stainless steel wire rope basic knowledge

Wire rope concept: with multiple or multiple strand of thin wire twisted into the flexible rope or twisted by the multi-layer steel wire, and then to the core as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted into a spiral rope.

A wire rope in accordance with the "wire rope -strand- wire - core” decomposition, as shown below.

Wire rope rope is generally divided into a movement, cotton, Ma core, asbestos core and wire core, and several. Usually, the rope used on the crane is generally dominated by the core, it has a high flexibility and flexibility, and can store a certain amount of oil, when the wire rope is stretched, the oil squeezed between the wire lubrication, Core for high temperature or multi-layer winding occasions; asbestos core for high temperature occasions; a sports body for non-high temperature occasions.

Steel wire core and code

     A fiber core (natural or synthetic): FC

     B Natural fiber core: NF

     C Synthetic fiber core: SF

     D wire rope: IWR (or IWRC)

     E wire core: IWS


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