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Stainless steel plate selection Essentials
Nov 29, 2016

Select stainless steel plate consider using operating conditions, such as manual or automatic operation, press performance and type, to suppress material quality requirements such as hardness, gloss, etc. Also consider the economic accounting, new polished steel plates at a time, required number of decorative panels can produce a sustained quality.

In addition, when you select the most reasonable thickness of steel plate, should take account of the use of time, mass, stiffness, taking into consideration compression strength of the plate thermal conductivity; distribution of pressure, pressure plate format specifications.

If the thickness is not easily bent, will affect the decorative plate production. If the thickness is too large, heavy steel plate, not only increasing the cost of steel, but also brings to the operation without difficulty. Also the stainless steel plate processing or use at the same time should be left margin. Thickness of the laminate is not absolutely consistent, but strive for consistency on the same plate thickness, generally medium size sawing, 0.05 o.15 mm thickness tolerances. If the requirements are too stringent, grinding costs also increased. Usually tensile, hardness structure steel plate, greater resistance to mechanical damage, longer durability, but the grinding point high processing costs.