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Hot rolled stainless steel cutting machine
Jun 02, 2017

 CTL & SL Platform

The cutting & slitting services started from 2000, till now SASA Metal has international-standard cutting & slitting lines from Korea. Taiwan and so on, which can meet different needs of stainless steel customers, from cold rolled to hot rolled, from narrow strips to ultra-width plates process.

Coil CTL Platform


Performance of CTL Equipments


0.2 - 25.4mrn


100 - 2150mm


300 - 15000mm( The processing length of the single sheet more than 20m)


Material Thickness < 10mm , Yield    strength: Max 1200MPa
10mm < Material Thickness < 16mm , Yield strength: Max 700MPa
16mm < Material Thickness < 25.4mm , Yield strength: Max600MPa